PlayStation 5 Controller Live Bloody First Time

The controller of the PlayStation 5, which is expected to be officially introduced in the coming days, was viewed for the first time in bloody live. The controller in the shared photo confirms the leaks that we had previously encountered about the design.

As you might recall, Sony confirmed the future of the PlayStation 5 a few months ago , but didn't explain what the console's design would look like. Despite this, we have seen many different leaks about the design and features of the new console.

A new image that appeared today made it   possible for us to see the PlayStation 5 controller for the first time in bloody life. Let's take a closer look at the details.

Here is the first time Bloody LiveShield 5 displayed

In the photos of the PS 5 developer kit, which was leaked a few months ago and verified by different sources, we were able to see the DualShock 5 vaguely. New shared photos of the controller, which we've been making constant estimates about until now, allow us to make more concrete predictions about design and promised features.

As it can be seen in the shared photo, the DualShock 5 is quite similar to the DualShock 4 in general , and the touchpad on the top of the controller is slightly larger. However, the new controller's other features already known include a new vibration technology called “tactile feedback ve and adjustable trigger  keys.

Of course, we cannot tell whether the above mentioned hardware features actually exist in the controller  . However, we should remind you that this leak is not official . On the other hand, the DualShock 4, which is a disliked feature of the touch pad, we can say that the new controller will be further enlarged .

Sony  is expected to unveil its new console for the first time in the  CES 2020 , which will start on January 7 . At this point, the new Xbox, the design of which can be a factor in Sony's quick hand. Finally, you can follow us to be informed of any developments that may occur in CES 2020 event.

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