Production of iPhone 12 Series Will Not Be Deferred Due To Coronavirus

News published in Taiwan media claimed that Apple would not delay the production of iPhone 12s. As it is known, it was previously said that the serial production of iPhone 12s could be delayed.

Previously, there have been reports of Apple's tendency to delay the launch ofthis year's iPhone 12. However, considering the news in Taiwan media, the supplier responsible for the production of the iPhone's PCB (printed circuit board) denied the claims that the serial production of the iPhone 12 will be delayed.

According to Taiwan media media DigiTimes, iPhone supplier

PegatronCEO Liao Zhiqiang noted that travel restrictions are an important factor affecting manufacturers, but the supply chain is struggling to overcome this blow.

Liao Zhiqiang also said that Pegatron remained in contact with its customers and provided some solutions to address their concerns.

Coronavirus outbreak increased uncertainty:

Currently, both the customers and the supply chain want to shorten the front-end processing time of smartphones. For now, everything is progressing steadily.

However, earlier this week, Nikkei News published annoying news.According to the report,it was claimed that Apple could delay the release of iPhone 12s for several months due to the concerns of selling iPhone 12s during the coronavirus outbreak.

With the latest news,it has been confirmed againthat the iPhone 12 models will be released in the autumn of this year.According to Foxconn's statement this week, the company has enough workers to meet the demand.

There will be 4 different variants of the new iPhone 12 models to be released.

These models, which will focus on various customer groups, will come out with different equipment and therefore different costs. All models will be equipped with A14 chip and will support 5G. It is stated that the high level models will come with the new 3D camera technology. These include the LIDAR browser used on iPad Pro. 

A new test on Geekbenchgave us an idea of ​​the performanceof the A14 chip,

Apple's next-generation processor .The results from Geekbench showed that 2020 model iPhones have the potential to crush Android phones with this processor.


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