PUBG developers announced the arrival of a new mode that PC gamers will be able to access from tomorrow. Called "Arena Mode", the mode combines the battle royale spirit of PUBG with the tactical spirit of CS: GO. Console players will wait a little longer to experience this mode.

Do not be among the legends of the battle royale genre with the unique experience it offers players. PUBG announced that a new mode will come to the game. According to the statements made by the developers, this mode, which can be tried on the PC platform as of tomorrow, is called "Arena". PUBG's Arena Mode combines the battle royale experience with tactics.

PUBG's Arena Mode can be experienced on the Miramar, Sanhok or Erangel maps. We will try to reach victory by beating other teams in the mode that can be played as a team. However, our experience in this mode will be more like CS: GO than PUBG spirit. Because every opponent we defeat will return to us as money that will enable us to buy weapons.

Weapons will not be picked up in Arena Mode. Instead, we will buy weapons at the beginning of the tour. Although we can buy all the weapons in the game with the specified money, we will have to determine the weapons we will buy according to the location of the map. In other words, while we think that we will buy a good gun and

gain an advantage, we will also be at a disadvantage.

It will also get harder to recreate your teammate in PUBG Arena Mode. Because this mod gives us only 5 seconds to revive your teammate. This is an indication that the tactics to be applied in the game should be the basis of unity. In addition, the shrinkage times of the area will change within the scope of this mode. In short, developers will come with an action-packed mod.

The distribution of the teams on the map will be random

By the way, the fact that weapons cannot be removed from the ground in PUBG's new mode does not mean that the equipment cannot be removed from the ground. Teams will again pick up equipment other than weapons from the ground. So this mode will continue to keep the battle royale spirit of PUBG alive. The developer team states that they will decide the future of the Arena Mode based on the feedback they will receive from the players.

When will PUBG's Arena Mode be playable?

PC players will first play Arena Mode from September 18-21, according to the developer team. The second stage of the mode will take place between September 25-28. Console players will wait a while longer to reach this mode. According to the statements made, console players will be able to try the Arena Mode for the first time between September 25-28. This mode will be available for the second time between October 2-5.



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