Raspberry Pi Introduces New 12 MP Camera Module

Raspberry Pi introduced its new camera module called High Quality Camera with 12-megapixel backlit Sony sensor. The camera module, which does not have a lens, can be installed with two affordable lens models.

Raspberry Pi has introduced a new camera module for developers who want to add cameras to their projects . The camera module named as “High Quality Camera” is one of the most important products introduced in this field since the Camera Module V2 introduced in 2016.

High-quality cameras, known as Raspberry Pi camera module, the Sony IMX477 industry with 12.3-megapixel backlit sensor and works with C and CS-mount lenses used in 16mm film camera comes with a mounting part.

Raspberry Pi's new camera module is close to the cameras we see in compact cameras rather than the cameras of smartphones. The camera module comes with a back focus adjustment ring and a tripod mount .

Two separate lenses can be purchased externally for the camera module that will not come with a lens. 6mm CS mount CCTV lens sold for $ 15 and 16mm C, which is a higher quality lens, are two lens solutions offered by Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, which is on sale as of today, is available for $ 50.

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