Relieve Statement From Gigabyte: Intel Z490 Motherboards Will Support 11th Generation Intel Processo

Gigabyte, which was broadcasting Auros Direct live the day before, announced that Intel Z490 motherboards will support 11th generation processors. Thus, those who want to invest in such an expensive motherboard are also relieved.

Today's dominant processor manufacturer Intel introduced new 10th generation processors the other day . Intel's newly introduced processors included the fastest desktop processor the processor world has ever seen, which was a big challenge to AMD. Still, with the 10th generation processors, a question stuck in the mind of computer users.

Intel's next-generation processors will be hungry for power . However, these processors also need the new LGA 1200 socket . Therefore, the only option suitable for those who want to buy this processor is the new Z490 series motherboards.

The Z490 will support 11th generation Intel processors

Z490 series motherboards will bring many features such as PCIe 4.0 support and more advanced wired and wireless support. However, this motherboard, which brings many features and supports Intel's 10th generation processors, is quite expensive. At this point, that question comes to mind: Will these motherboards support the

11th generation processors Intel will release in 2021 ?

Gigabyte, one of the motherboard manufacturers, made a statement that made the users feel comfortable about it. In the Auros Direct live broadcast, the company has assured that Intel's at least 11th generation Rocket Lake S processors will be supported by Z490 series motherboards .

So why did Intel not make this relaxing statement, and Gigabyte did it? At this point, there are big question marks. The person who made a statement on behalf of Gigabyte and said that Rocket Lake would be supported by the Z490, was actually a little hesitant while saying this information. So it's not clear why, Intel seems unwilling to talk about it right now .

However, the statement by Gigabyte was very positive for people who constantly updated their computer . Knowing that next-generation Rocket Lake processors will be supported by the Z490 motherboard can be a good reason to make a solid investment in this motherboard.

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