Revealed That A12Z Processor On iPad Pro Is A Modernized Version Of A12X

The processor of the 2020 iPad Pro has been the subject of controversy since its introduction. So much so that it was even claimed that the A12Z processor could be the same as last year's A12X. Recent studies have revealed that the A12Z is ​​a modernized version of the A12X.

US-based tech giant Apple announced the new iPad Pro model about a month ago. The company announced that these tablets are equipped with "A12Z" processors, which are more powerful than previous generation iPads. However, the later claims made this processor actually look very similar to the A12X found on last year's iPads. Recent studies have revealed that the allegations in question are correct .

Apple pays special attention to the processor of that product during the promotion of a new product . Because the company usually equips its new products with new processors, and emphasizes that the new processors offer much better performance than the old ones . However, new information reveals that the processors used on 2020 iPads are not as "new" as described.

Processor reviews of Apple's new iPad models were carried out by " TechInsights ". The company reveals that Apple has not designed a new processor, it has modernized the A12X it released last year and turned it into A12Z. This information supports the claims that Apple will develop a new processor every two years, especially on iPad models.

While the study on Apple's new iPads reveals that the A12Z and A12X are almost exactly the same, the A12Z is ​​a seriously powerful processor. The new iPad Pros even support LIDAR technologies, and this support reveals how advanced the new tablets are, especially in augmented reality.

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