Riot Games Announces $ 6 Million Aid Raised

Riot Games, known as the producer of League of Legends, announced that $ 6 million in aid was collected for the Social Impact Fund. It is said that the organization is working to create more resources in addition to the donation it collects with ImpactAssets.

New news came from Riot Games, a Los Angeles-based game production and distribution company. The company announced that it has collected a $ 6 million aid. In a statement by manager Jeffrey Burrell, these numbers were said to have been caught thanks to the generosity of the players. Adding that they attach great importance to making the world and their communities a better place, Burrell expressed that Riot Games is determined to find new ways to make a meaningful impact at the global and local levels.

The ongoing Dawnbringer Mixed Fundraising Campaign is known as one of the first initiatives to use Riot Games' voting platform. From April 10 to April 23, League of Legends players can log into the game and vote for one of the three local non-governmental organizations in their region. At the end of the vote, it was announced that the local non-governmental organization that received the most votes would receive 50% of the regional aid pool .

Grants were awarded to non-profit organizations:

The remaining organizations are not forgotten either. According to the announcement, each remaining non-governmental organization will receive 25% of the regional aid pool. The Riot Games Social Impact Fund is also known to provide a minimum of $ 10,000 grants for all non-profit organizations . Riot Games' president, Dylan Jadeja, said Riot is ready to serve players with different backgrounds, and he always bears the company's responsibility to operate at the local level.

46 non-profit organizations from local communities were selected after player surveys, after reliability and other legal process reviews. Based on the proportional sales of Dawnbringer Karma Donation, a relief pool was allocated to each region . The first organization to be selected by the players between the dates determined is eagerly awaited by everyone.


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