Rocket attack in Libya: 2 dead

Hafter supporters carried out a rocket attack on the Mitiga Airport in Libya, the capital of Tripoli. 2 employees died.

TheLibyanNational Consensus Government (UMH) affiliatedby theUnited Nations(UN), said in a statement from the Rage Volcano Operation Press Center that a Libyan was injured because of the rockets thrown at the airport.

It was noted that rockets that fell into civilian settlements around Mitiga Airport caused great damage.

The statement did not provide information about the nationality of foreign employees.

After the Khaftermilitias launched 25 rockets to Mitiga Airport on 28 February and continued their attacks in March, Mitiga Airport, which was accepted as the only gate of the capital Tripoli to the outside world, was evacuated on 5 March and all flights to the airport in the city of Misrata, 200 kilometers east of Tripoli. It had been moved.


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