Rockstar Games Added A Logo Image That Excites Everyone On The Website

Rockstar Games, which recently added an interesting visual to the website, replaced the image with a new one. The new image confused the gamers even more, because this time Rockstar added the image of a logo to the website.

In a news that we shared with you recently, we mentioned a small but confusing change on the official website of Rockstar Games . Rockstar Games, which we mentioned added an image to the website, made gamers think that there might be robots in GTA 6 . Now, we are here with a new development on the same subject.

Rockstar Games, the visual has added to the website, with a new one replaced . This time, the shared image is even more confusing compared to the previous image. Because the new image added to the Rockstar Games website is a completely different designed Rockstar logo. It is not possible to understand what the logo with the letter "R" is about.

New image added to Rockstar Games website

It is clear that the logo in the middle of the image is the official Rockstar logo. However, it is possible to draw a different meaning from each of the details on the background of the image. Of course, Rockstar Games has not made any explanation as to what this image is about.

This image is a clear indication that something is rotating on the Rockstar Games front. Because Rockstar Games made the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 by changing its  Twitter logo . It was not even clear that Rockstar Games announced a game in the first place. That's why the logo posts from Rockstar Games have always been excited by gamers .

We can clearly say that Rockstar Games is not aware of the claims made about GTA 6 and the months-long wait of gamers . As such, the fact that such a sharing has been made from Rockstar Games brings GTA 6 directly to the minds of gamers . However, it is unfortunately not possible to say that this development is related to GTA 6.

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