Rockstar Releases 2 New Mods for GTA Online Players

Two new modifiers have been released for GTA Online, whose content is continuously expanded. With Rockstar announced by Survival Creator and King of the Hill Creator, you can create your own modes and share them with the community.

One of the first game studios that comes to mind when it comes to open world games is Rockstar;  Announces Survival Creator and King of the Hill Creators With these tools you can create your own modes in GTA Online.

With Survival Creator, you can create a wave-based survival mode, as the name suggests . In this mode; you will be able to place brackets, locate birthmarks, check enemy combat competence, and set up much more. In the new King of the Hill Creator, you'll be able to choose from internal areas, parts and even driveable vehicles. You will be able to choose cars from team-based or fully free variants.

How do you publish the modes you create?

You will be able to present these modes to the community for exploration through the Social Club . Also note that both of these modes distribute twice the prize this week. This week you can also get a 25% discount on Gunrunning materials and enjoy a 50% increase in Gunrunning Research Speed. You can also receive double rewards on Gunrunning Sell missions. You can also receive double rewards on any Mobile Operation mission.

If you go to Diamond Casino & Resort this week and play Lucky Wheel there, you can win the highest prize, Ocelot Stromberg . There are also new materials in the casino. You can also take a look at your in-game purchases.

What discounts are available this week in Los Santos?

n addition, if you are a Twitch Prime subscriber and link your Twitch account to Rockstar Games Social Club, you can get a discount on Lago Zancudo Bunker and Fort Zancuda Hangar 3499. Here are some gun reductions in Los Santos this week .

  • Imponte deluxe 25%

  • TM-02 Khanhali% 35

  • HVY Chernobog% 35

  • HVY Barrage% 35

  • BF Dune FAV %35

  • Karin Technical Aqua %35

  • HVY APC% 35

  • If you are a GTA Online player and have not been logged in to GTA Online for a long time, new modifiers and discounts can give you a chance to re-enter the game.


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