Samsung Aims to Produce 1 Million Foldable Screens Every Month

Foldable phones are one of the most interesting innovations of recent times. It is estimated that these foldable phones will take a big place in the phone market in the next few years. The demands for foldable phones are increasing day by day. Realizing this, Samsung announced that they are aiming to produce 1 million foldable screens every month.

South Korean company Samsung Display , which produces displays , currently produces approximately 260,000 foldable phones per month. The company announced that they are aiming to increase this number to 1 million since the interest in foldable phones is increasing day by day and more demanded by the users.

The company will start producing 600,000 foldable screens by the end of May and this number will reach 1 million by the end of 2020. This means the company plans to quadruple its current production. Samsung plans to build additional facilities to increase collapsible screen production. Some phone manufacturers that are influenced by Samsung's success are also claimed to have started preparations to manufacture their own foldable phones.

In fact, the Galaxy Z Flip is not the first foldable phone Samsung has ever produced. If we look back, Samsung had produced Galaxy Fold before Z Flip . Unfortunately, Galaxy Fold had a plastic screen that could easily be scratched even with nails . This has caused disappointment for users. However, Samsung did not give up and revealed the Galaxy Z Flip with its ultra-thin glass system that can be bent .

This system used in Galaxy Z Flip made the screen more resistant to scratches. This screen produced by Samsung helps it outperform its competitors that produce OLED screens. The company is now trying to keep this opportunity in the best possible way. For this , it aims to be ready to meet the ever-increasing demand for such screens by producing more foldable screens .

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