Samsung C-Lab Team Announces 4 Futurist Projects to be Introduced at CES 2020

South Korea Technology giant SAMSUNG C-Lab Preparations have begun to showcase the new 4 technologies, the light of the future.

Let's look at together and share the results with our valued users.

The technology industry took place every year in January in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES 2020, the world's largest consumer electronics fair.

This year, the glorious organization, which is preparing to open its doors for the 52nd time, will host interesting projects as always.

Samsung will be at CES 2020 with the C-Lab Nine team, the project department for the future.

After the success of the South Korean company C-Lab Inside, he established another division, C-Lab Outside, to support new initiatives and technologies outside the Samsung network.

Technologies come from new companies in C-Lab Outside. Here are the impressive C-Lab projects we will see at CES 2020.



If you want a fully personalized exercise plan, you must first go through a medical examination . However, wearing a mask and going to the hospital to run on a treadmill can be an intimidating experience for many people.

With easy-to-use exercise evaluation software, FITT is a PHR (Personal Health Record) health data platform created to positively impact people's health . FITT offers a customized cardiovascular workout plan that recommends how fast and how long users should run, as well as a posture and muscle strength training plan. Once users have completed the fitness test, the app can even predict the user's illnesses, including high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular disease.


Among the C-Lab projects to be introduced at CES 2020, Vtouch offers new ways of interacting with smart devices. Vtouch technology allows you to control a smart device with your eyes or finger without the need for physical contact.

The technology uses deep learning technologies to analyze your eye and finger movements through a camera . Vtouch is an intuitive technology that can be applied to a wide range of areas including automotive, IoT (smart home) and digital products, as it only focuses on camera and processor.


Smoothy, one of the teams under C-Lab Outside, set out to bring a whole new breath to video chat applications. The team, which includes text elements in the video call interface, says that up to eight users can have video conferencing at the same time .

When you answer a call in Smoothy, the call is initially started in silent mode. So you can answer a video call anytime, anywhere. Smoothy also lets you chat in real time with the other person during a video chat.

Unlike other video chat apps, Smoothy is equipped with features like AR (Augmented Reality) emojis and filters for more fun video chats , allowing you to record and send video chats quickly and easily to your friends.

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