Samsung Demonstrated the Development of the Galaxy S Series Cameras Over the Years

Samsung continues to be one of the most important companies in the smartphone market with the Galaxy S series, which it has been developing since 2010. Samsung has announced how well its phones have improved their cameras, from the first Galaxy S model to the Galaxy S20.

Samsung is one of the important companies in the smartphone market. The company has been one of the most preferred brands for users with the Galaxy S series it has developed for years. The development of the cameras of the Galaxy S series also stands as one of the important factors behind this success of Samsung. Samsung has now released an infographic that shows the evolution of the Galaxy S series camera. The published infographic shows the most important breaking points of the development of the cameras of the Galaxy S series.

Galaxy S series has been pushing its rivals in the camera field since its first member, Galaxy S. Galaxy S, the first phone of the Galaxy S series launched in 2010, came up against its rivals with its auto focus, face recognition and anti-shake features on its 5MP camera  .

Launched in 2012 after Galaxy S, Galaxy S3 appeared before users with a camera that can capture moving objects. The Galaxy S4 Zoom, announced in 2013, was one of the most talked about phones at that time with its 10x optical zoom .

The Galaxy S5, announced in 2014 and the Galaxy S7, announced in 2016,  offered more vivid and realistic photo quality . Especially with the dual pixel technology available on the Galaxy S7, auto focus capabilities were at a higher level.

Announced in 2018, Samsung's flagship Galaxy S9 was announced with a feature that could change the aperture value of the environment from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4 depending on the light situation . The flagship Galaxy S10 after the Galaxy S9 prevented blurry photos with its super stabilizer.

The Galaxy S20 series, announced this year,  shows the point where Samsung's smartphones have arrived in camera technology . The high resolution cameras of the S20 series offer stunning photos. Especially the S20 Ultra's 100x space zoom feature takes the S20 series to a completely different point from its competitors.

The Galaxy S20 series allows you to easily take photos while taking videos. The fact that the S20s provide 8K video shooting actually sums up the point Samsung has brought camera technology in 10 years.

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