Samsung Experiences Similar to Apple's iCloud Disaster

Samsung has faced another security issue. Hackers seized personal information of famous names in South Korea and then blackmailed. If South Korea's technology giant, this incident has nothing to do with security systems, he argues.

Patently Apple, in a statement in November 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 model smartphones fingerprint reader, said a serious security problem. Samsung decided to use Qualcomm's 3D Sonic technology on their devices, but the security problem was so serious that it caused the South Korean technology giant to suffer enormous financial and security losses. Some banks even announced that they had completely lost confidence in Samsung's flagships .

Samsung's reputation has been damaged in South Korea this time . South Korean media, some Samsung devices hacked and blackmailed users, he says. As you know, Samsung Cloud is a platform where users can back up data on their smartphones. According to the latest information hackers; they stole personal information such as photos, videos, and messages from famous names through the Samsung Cloud, and then demanded money not to spread the personal information they stole.

Some people's sexual messages have been shared:

Joo Jin-mo has refused to make any payments to hackers, although some users have fulfilled the demand for money from hackers. Hackers also shared messages between Joo and another player on many platforms on the Internet . In particular, messages involving sexually explicit speeches have also severely damaged Joo's image.

A citizen living in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, bu This latest event shows that we can all suffer from hacking smartphones. This is a very frightening situation . Bulundu A 23-year-old university student using a Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphone said,  “Smartphones need to be personal. It really scares me to think that someone else can read my private conversations with my friends .  

Samsung argues that there is no problem with their systems:

Samsung, in his statements, the Galaxy devices or the Cloud service offered by this situation is not due to hacklenmesi and famous names, user names and passwords may be stolen from another place argues. Samsung, although this incident is not related to any security problems, although expressed that the hacker to prevent users from taking additional security measures are recommended.

Şirket We advise our users not to use their 'username' and 'password', which they use in their other accounts. In addition, we recommend that you change your Samsung Cloud username and password frequently .

Samsung, Apple seems to take a similar stance in this security problem . In 2014, photos were stolen from Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton's iPhone, and the company said: a As  soon as we learned that personal photos of some famous names had been stolen, our company's engineers immediately took action to find the source of the problem. The safety and personal information of our customers is our top priority. After more than 40 hours of research, we found that the attack on famous names was directed to usernames, passwords and security questions, but it wasn't caused by Apple's iCloud or Find My iPhone.We have detected. We are continuing the legal procedures for the arrest of criminals. To prevent such attacks, we recommend that users enable a strong password and two-step authentication. ”

Experts argue that only users are blaming them, and companies assume no responsibility. In addition, it is stated that the biometric security features offered by the companies are far from providing security and are only available in devices.

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