Samsung Galaxy A21s Receives FCC Certification

It looks like Samsung is getting ready to launch a model called the Galaxy A21s. It turned out that the model received FCC certification.

We are accustomed to the smartphone manufacturers producing products in many different segments. Companies aim to reach a wider customer base for their smart devices . The situation is no different for Samsung, one of the most important smartphone manufacturers.

Samsung's model Galaxy A21s , which previously appeared in Geekbench tests, is one of the alternative devices mentioned. Although it is not known in which markets the phone will go on sale, a new certificate has made sure that the phone will go on sale in the USA.

FCC certification to Samsung Galaxy A21s:

Listing the phone in FCC is actually quite interesting because the Galaxy A21s is in a sense the successor of the Galaxy A21. Galaxy A21 is a newly announced device for the US market , even the features of the device are unknown.

When we look at the FCC certificate, we get some information about the Galaxy A21s . The screen of the phone will be 6.4 inches. Also, on the other model, the screen is about the same size. The dimensions of the phone will be 163.7 mm x 75.3 mm.

There are many different connection alternatives on the phone. These include GSM1900, WCDMA1700, WCDMA1900, LTE2, LTE66, LTE41 and GSM850. The phone will also have a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection. Charging support seems to be 15W.

The features of the Galaxy A21s remain mysterious:

Unfortunately, these documents do not contain information about the remaining features of the phone . While waiting for the processor of the phone to be Exynos 850, when we look at the previous rumors, we see that the device will have 2.5 GB of RAM unusually. According to rumors, the phone will have two different storage options, and the storage options will be 32 GB and 64 GB. Of course, these are all claims at the moment.

Although the Samsung Galaxy A21s is expected to be a price / performance phone, the information about the device is very little at this stage. As new information about the phone becomes available, we will be sharing it with you.

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