Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series Can Change the Course of the Smartphone Industry

Samsung is getting ready to meet the consumers with the Galaxy Note 20 series at the end of August. There is no official information about the phone, but claims now made suggest that the Note20 will come with a feature that will shake the smartphone industry.

South Korean technology giant Samsung announced the new flagship phones Galaxy S20 family in February. Following this announcement, the company will meet consumers with entry and mid-segment phones until the end of the summer season. When we reach the end of August, if everything continues as desired, Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 20 series.

We have no official information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. However, sources and analysts close to the company continue to work on the Galaxy Note 20 family and try to reveal some information about these phones . The claims made now reveal some features of the Galaxy Note 20. However, among these claims, there is such a feature that phone designs may change irreversibly in the smart phone industry, if it occurs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will come with a much more advanced S-Pen

According to the claims, the Galaxy Note 20 series will have an S Pen that has been improved much more than last year . In fact, Samsung had already developed S Pen, which it launched with the Galaxy Note 10 series. Consumers could even use this smart pen to take photos or control the music player. The S Pen, which will be offered to consumers with the Galaxy Note 20 series, will include much more than these .

Other claims made about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series are related to the screen of the phone. The Galaxy Note 20 is said to have a 7-inch screen. We can say that this screen is too big. Even the Galaxy Note 20 will have a bigger screen than the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Smartphone designs are moving towards increasing the screen / body ratio of devices. However, the front cameras of the devices are the biggest obstacle to offering a 100% screen-to-body ratio. One of the claims made about the Galaxy Note 20 is that Samsung will use screen camera technology on this device. We can say that this is unlikely to happen since we do not see that Samsung uses partially experimental features that we can define as 'new' in the Galaxy Note series. However, Samsung can use this technology on the 2020 flagship for a more advanced Galaxy Note 20.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is said to be the first smartphone in the world to have an under-screen camera . If this claim comes true, Samsung will have signed a development in August that will deeply affect the smartphone industry. We will wait and see if these claims will come true.


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