Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with Exynos Processor Has Started Having Problems

Samsung's critically acclaimed Exynos processors also started to have problems with the company's new flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra. Users shared many complaints about this phone with Exynos processor.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has received and continues to receive complaints about its own production Exynos processors from past to present. Users who complain about the performance and consistency of the Exynos processors continue their complaints in Samsung's new flagship smartphone series.

Even the Galaxy S20 Ultra , the most expensive version of the new smartphone series Galaxy S20 introduced by Samsung in the past months , creates serious problems for users. Although it is not yet known what direction Samsung will take in the future, users are losing their trust every day.

There are serious problems with Samsung's flagship Exynos:

A recent issue was shared by Twitter user '@Pegasaie' as a video . The video in the user-shared tweet featured the serious focus issue that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra had in the video section. With many people complaining about the same issue, it turns out that this problem is seen on phones with Exynos 990 processors.

In addition to the above problem, some Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users also stated that the phone is experiencing poor performance due to overheating even when it does not perform any heavy operation . However, there were fewer complaints on the same phone that Samsung launched with the Snapdragon processor.

While Samsung's Snapdragon processor models were only sold in South Korea, this was not the case before. Samsung previously sold its Exynos processor devices in its own market , and in the global market, it was launching its Snapdragon processor smartphones.

This change that Samsung made was due to Samsung's focus on thinking about its market . In other words, Samsung turned towards Snapdragon processors to better hold in its market, and put the phones with Exynos processors in the global market. Of course, although we don't know the exact reason for this issue, we can say that Samsung has to change something about Exynos.


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