Samsung Galaxy S21 can come with a camera embedded under the screen

Samsung is said to be working on an under-screen camera design that will take smartphone designs a step further. In this context, Samsung's Galaxy S21 series, which will be released next year, was claimed to have under-screen camera technology.

It hasn't been a long time since Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 series. The smartphone maker is now continuing preparations to announce the new Galaxy Note series, while the claims extend to the Galaxy S21 series Samsung will announce next year .

A new claim emerged suggested that Samsung is considering using an under-screen camera in the Galaxy S21 series and speeding up its work for the under-screen camera. Samsung usually uses new camera technologies in the Galaxy S series for the first time. Therefore, it is less likely to use such a technology on the Galaxy Note20.

Samsung can take smartphone designs to another point with under-screen camera

Despite the emergence of some rumors, there are still several challenges to under-screen camera technology . In addition to the loss of image quality due to insufficient lighting to which the camera sensor is exposed, difficulties such as matching the pixel density of the screen area where the camera sensor will be placed with the rest of the screen are the biggest obstacles to this technology.

Samsung has been a pioneer in the industry in many subjects to date in terms of camera technology. When we consider the company's position on both camera sensor and display technologies, it will not be surprising that Samsung is the first company to use the under-screen camera.

For the under-screen camera, only Samsung doesn't work. We recently saw Oppo's phone prototype with an under-screen camera . Likewise, Xiaomi's work and its own application were seen. Patents received by Huawei show that the smartphone manufacturer is working in this area.

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