Schools and Universities in Italy Can Be Closed Due to Corona Virus

The Corona virus, which has spread from Wuhan, China, has influenced Europe. The epidemic also spread to education on the continent, where deaths increased every day. The closure of schools and universities due to viruses is on the agenda in Italy.

The number of cases worldwide has exceeded 93 thousand because of the Corona virus, which has been causing more and more deaths. More than 3 thousand people died because of the Corona virus . Faced with what happened, the Italian government had to take a series of measures. In a statement, it was announced that all schools and universities in the country are planned to be closed by mid-March due to the Corona virus.

The closure of schools in Italy is on the agenda:

The Italian Minister of Education said that the decision to close educational institutions was on the table, but there was no decision yet to close all schools. North of the country is among the places most affected by the Corona virus outbreak. Because some educational institutions in the region in question were closed 10 days ago.

The number of people who died in Italy due to the epidemic rose to 79, while the number of cases exceeded 2,500. In the USA , loss of life increased to 9, and the number of cases to 108. The number of cases in the UK rose to 85. Saudi Arabia has decided to temporarily stop the visits of its citizens and residents to Umrah. For the first time, a person died in Iraq due to the Corona virus. The number of dead rose to 92 in Iran. Government officials and bureaucrats were banned from leaving the country. In Iran, football matches were also canceled.

Israel was another country that started to apply travel restrictions. It has been announced that foreigners from 5 European countries , including Germany and France, will not be admitted to Israel due to the virus surrounding the world .

Corona virus spread to EU Representation

Corona virus was found in an employee of the European Union (EU) Representation in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where 13 cases have been experienced so far . EU Spokesperson Dana Spinant confirmed the case. It was stated that the person in question was a male employee of a European Defense Agency returning from Italy.

Abroad ban on Corona, Gazprom on Amazon:

It is certain that an employee at the Seattle office of the US-based e-commerce and cloud computing company, Amazon, is carrying the Corona virus. Most meetings at the company were postponed. Job interviews will be done by digital methods. Russia-based Gazprom, on the other hand, has decided to temporarily stop its employees from traveling abroad due to the epidemic. It was decided to have all personnel traveling abroad to undergo health screening.

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