Screenshots of Dark Mode Coming to Facebook iOS Shared

Facebook continues to work on dark mode for the iOS app. Screenshots of the dark mode that the social media giant will offer to iOS users have appeared.

Facebook launched the dark mode for the iOS Messenger app globally in April last year. It was later revealed that the social media giant was also working on dark mode support for the Facebook app in August.

Despite months passed, dark mode for Facebook's iOS app still has not come, but the company is still working on the feature. Screenshots shared by WABetaInfo reveal how the dark mode will look on the iOS version of the Facebook app.

Facebook images from the next dark mode for iOS

Dark mode, which will come to Facebook 's iOS application, will be in gray tones rather than a completely black design . Icons and logos are highlighted in white. Facebook iOS users can enable or disable dark mode at any time. The app will also fit the operating system's dark mode preferences.

Facebook is still working on the dark mode design of the iOS app and may make changes to the mod's design in the future . But at least for now, the expected design seems to be this way. The social media giant has not yet announced when the dark mode will be available to iOS users. For this reason, we will continue to wait for a while.

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