Screenshots of Tesla Model Y's Previously Unknown Dimensions

Images of an in-house document of the previously unknown dimensions of Tesla's electric car Model Y were published. According to the documents, the total length of the vehicle is 4.75 meters, and the width is 2.12 meters, including the mirrors.

It may seem strange to have little information on the most basic features of an open-to-order electric vehicle. That's exactly what Tesla's electric car Model Y is about. For example, properties of dimensions such as the length and width of Model Y have not been known until now .

Tesla published in Tesmanian and an in-house technical documentation with screenshots taken from the visually estimated to be in the dark about the Model Y size portions enlightened happened .

Size and weight information of Tesla Model Y according to screenshots:


  • Total length: 4.75 meters


  • Total width including mirrors : 2,12 meters

  • Total width when mirrors are folded: 1.97 meters

  • Total width without mirrors: 1.92 meters


  • Total height: 1.62 meters


  • Unladen vehicle weight (Long range battery, double engine): 2.003 kg

  • Gross tree weight (Long range battery, double engine):  2.405 kg

  • Gross vehicle weight distribution (Dual engine): Front part 46%, rear part 54%

  • Maximum axle weight (Front wheel 20 inches): 1.363 kg

  • Maximum axle weight (Rear wheel 20 inches): 1,500 kg

Considering Tesla Model 3's  4.69 meter length, 2.08 meter  width with mirrors closed and 1.44 meter height, Model Y appears to be around 5 cm longer and wider, and around 15 cm higher. The vehicle is also 156 kg heavier than Tesla Model 3.

Model Y appears to be taller, wider and higher than Jaguar I Pace and Mustang Mach E. The length of the Mercedes EQC is more than the new Tesla, while its width is less. The height of the two vehicles is equal.

In addition to all this information, it should be noted that there will be a feature called 'off-road assistant' in the new Tesla. In cases where the new feature that will increase off-road performance is turned on, the Auto Emergency Brake and Lane Change Barring features will not be available.

Tesla Model Y shares 75% of its parts with Model 3, and its air friction coefficient is 0.23 Cd. In addition to the panoramic sunroof, the vehicle also has 7 seat options. The vehicle has three models: Standard Range, Long Range (506 km, $ 52,990) and Performance (506 km, $ 60,990).

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