Silkroad Online Mobile Detailed Promotion, Closed Beta, Pre-Registration, Gifts and More.

U1 Game Digital Entertainment, which received Silkroad Online's Mobile rights, announced that the Closed Beta, which is currently registered by 320,000 people, will start on February 25.You can find news about pre-registration, links, download links and more from our news.

Detailed Introduction

Hello to all Silkoad lovers. As someone who has given years to this game, I wanted to share an article with the bitter joy of learning about Silkroad's news that will come to the mobile platform yesterday. In this article, I will give you some information about the game and I will provide you with lots of visuals.


U1 Game Digital Entertainment's Statement About Mobile Gaming

"Hello to everyone! We are the developers of Mobil Silkraod Online from China. South Korean company Joymax has given us permission to develop the mobile version of Silkroad Online, which can be played on both iOS and Android phones. Mobile game has the same infrastructure as the Silkroad Online / Silk Road game on PC, which has witnessed rise and fall for centuries. We will launch a short testing process for our mobile game and we invite you all to take part in this test. Everyone has a place between us and we work with ambition / enthusiasm to offer you a more fun game. ”


Content of the Game

First, the game, which has been under development for 2 years, is based on story-based missions and the "Caravan" system, just like in real Silkroad. This means that the roles of Merchant, Hunter or Thief will also be here. Whichever one you enjoy, you will be able to choose what you want. And, of course, level sills. Frankly, this is the part I enjoy most in this game. The answer to the question of whether there will be a party system in a comment that catches my eye on Facebook has been answered. So I hope we can see Free Ong Taxis soon :)

I hope that we will take duties from the NPCs and reach the heights of caravan towing pleasure like in the old days.


There will be 3 different builds in the game; Heuksal (Spear), Pacheon (Bow), Bicheon (Sword)

Bicheon Swordman's main skills: stom damage, control damage, defance and function.

The main game (gameplay) of Heuksal Spearman is distance control. It has a characteristic type such as control, damage, defance and range character.

The skills of Pacheon Bowman are of three types: Damage, defance and assist.

Besides, there will be 3 different side builds; Cold Light Fire. We will choose one of them.

Since the game is on the mobile platform, of course there will not be dozens of skills that we are used to in real sro. Having little skill is important in terms of control.

Shared statement about the game introduction on the page

Silkroad Online, the world's first 3D MMORPG mobile game with the theme of the Ancient Silk Road! It's a great game built for 2 years and cost a large part of the production crew. Camels in unlimited desert are loaded with silk advancement. Merchants, Thieves and Hunters will surpass the epic miracle of humanity ...

The three positions of Bicheon Swordman, Pacheon Bowman and Heuksal Spearman respectively reflect the unique abilities of control, remote and melee attack. Players can choose one of their Ice, Fire and Lightning abilities, based on their attack or defense preferences. They can always change roles between Merchants, Thieves and Hunters. With the story-based mission system and social activities structure, all players are free to move and grow! The character can enter the violent situation at any time, which allows the player to experience the tension of the battle.

Now, the door of God is open for you! Be a rich Trader, an unstoppable Thief or a protective Hunter. Come on, choose your destiny! ”

I would also like to mention that we can do PVP with other players. I am sure it will be very enjoyable. You can watch the introduction of PVP in the video below.

Let's Go A Little More With Visuals

Let's examine what appears in this window. The first prominent place is the text box below. Here we see system messages, telling us about the character's actions. Also, the amount of exp earned while contracting will appear here. It kind of replaces the bottom right corner in the PC version.

Since the bottom right corner is at finger level, it makes sense to put action keys there. When we look at that part, Skin, Character, Settings, Skiller, Reinforcement and Guild options appear.

Seeing Guild can be a harbinger of Fortress Wars!

When we look at the upper left part, we see the HP MP ratios as well as the tsar's level and strength. So this means that we can choose our remedy as STR or INT in the game. And the button below should be the follow button.

Which position we are in the upper right and coordinates, and the Inventory button below.

Again, at the bottom, the horse running, automatic advance and Friends buttons appear.


We said that there will be tasks, in this window, getting a task is introduced.

Character Selection Screen

We have stated that there will be 3 different builds, as in iSro, the characters are briefly introduced in the build selection, the left build, the gender below and the right clothing selection can be made.


Here we see a window with various events. And the rewards to be won as a result. Activities are divided into two as Daily and Limited Time.

Character Overview

More details embrace us in this window. we can understand that we will have a honeycomb according to what appears on the left. There are many other options such as rank list, mailer, special offers, as well as the event tab we mentioned earlier on the top right.

Our skills are at the bottom right. As far as I can see the Bow Tsar in the picture, I think there is a buff skill in 3 atack 1.


Here, an image was taken while the char was contracting.

I think Auto Play is a very well thought out event. It will be quite tiring to get hit on the mobile platform. It is a great feature for all of us to leave the bell to the boat (without leaving the game window of course) after a while.

Let's Walk Towards Videos

general promotion

In this video, a general introduction is made, while shooting caravans, the hunter and the trader defend their property against thiefs!


Video with some map introductions.

Places such as Jangan, Tiger Mountain, Jangan Cave, Dungeon are shown.


A small introduction to PVP. Here we can see how the skill is, the dynamics of the characters.


In this video, Roc, Ghost Curse, Uruchi uniques are shown.


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