Some Hardware Features of Microsoft Surface Book 3 Revealed

Some new information has emerged about Microsoft's new Surface Book model. According to new information, Surface Book 3 will have an Intel Core i7 processor and 32 GB of RAM.

Microsoft is expected to announce the new Surface Book model in the coming weeks. Although the company has been very sluggish about this, some new information that has emerged gives us a glimpse of the features of the Surface Book 3.

It is known that the Surface Book 3 will experience a remarkable increase in hardware. In addition, according to the Energy Star certification, the device will have upper segment hardware features such as Intel Core i7 processor and 32 GB RAM.

Surface Book 3

Microsoft's new Surface Book will come with at least 1 TB of storage . While some 2TB storage options are said to be offered, some sources claim that there may be 4TB storage space in Surface Book 3.

As we mentioned above, the new Surface Book will get its power from the Intel Core i7. The processor's base speed per core will be 1.3 GHz and there will be four physical cores. You can also see information about the power consumption of the device from the image above.

Surface Book 3 will come with two different size options. Just like the previous generation, the version with a 13-inch screen will be the basic model. The model, which will come with a 15-inch screen, will include the hardware features mentioned above.

It should be said that the Surface Book 3 will be more expensive than the current Surface Book models. While the reason for the increase in the price of the label is the upgrade of the equipment used in the device, the increase of the foreign currency in our country will also be highly effective in increasing the price of the new Surface Book device.

Although there is not yet a clear date for the release date, the announcement of the device is highly likely to take place this month. It is likely that the announcement of the new Surface Book will be made especially at the Build developer conference, which will be held as a digital event on May 19 .

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