SpaceX's 1st Generation Dragon Capsule Left The ISS for the Last Time

The first generation SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule left the International Space Station (ISS). NASA said that Dragon CRS-20 will return to Earth for the last time with more than 1,800 kilograms of test materials and other cargoes.

SpaceX's Dragon capsule has made three successful refueling flights to the ISS so far. The capsule left the station for the last time and went back to Earth . SpaceX is focused on its new project, Crew Dragon . With the new generation cargo vehicle in question, it is aimed to move crews to the International Space Station and other destinations.

Dragon spacecraft made its name in history as the first commercial spacecraft to clamp into the ISS in 2012 . Since then, Dragon cargo capsules have completed 20 procurement missions, delivering artificial intelligence like 'crew members' and staying at the ISS for several weeks.

SpaceX shifts its focus to its new vehicle:

One of Dragon's main highlights is that it is reusable. This feature is also available on Falcon 9 rockets. The capsule, which left the station for the last time, was the final flight of the $ 1.6 billion contract between NASA and SpaceX. SpaceX is now shifting its attention to the second-generation Dragon 2 capsule , which it will use for replenishment to the ISS from October .

The next-generation spacecraft will be able to fly up to five times, surpassing its predecessor's maximum number of trips . The capsule in question will do the docking to the ISS on its own rather than using a robotic arm. The capsule will fly with the Falcon Heavy rocket and will stay at the station for 6 to 12 months at a time.

SpaceX also plans to use the Dragon 2 capsule to deliver critical cargo, scientific experiments and other materials to Lunar Gateway , the starting point of Artemis program missions . Lunar Gateway is known as a space station that is under development for the Lunar orbit. If the Crew Dragon project is successful, the USA will launch its own crew into space from its territory for the first time since 2011 . The first of the flights is planned towards the end of this year.

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