SpaceX Successfully Completes Air Rocket Detonation Test

Test of Crew Dragon's emergency escape system, which will carry NASA astronauts into space in the future, was carried out today after several delays. In the test, SpaceX, which exploded the Falcon 9 rocket in the air, proved to the world that Crew Dragon survived undamaged.

Today, a huge step was taken as part of the project that NASA started to send its astronauts to the International Space Station with their own spacecraft. Having signed with Boeing and SpaceX companies for spacecraft  , NASA has tested the emergency escape system of Crew Dragon with SpaceX today .

In fact, the test announced yesterday was postponed to 16.00 today due to bad weather conditions, but the test was taken to 18.00 after another delay decision. As part of the test, SpaceX would launch Crew Dragon into space, and on the road it would detonate the Falcon 9 rocket carrying the vehicle . The vehicle, which would detect the change in system parameters in advance and leave the rocket, would fall into the ocean without damage.

The test was successfully completed and the Crew Dragon class passed:

As you can see in the images shared by SpaceX, Crew Dragon, which is on its way, detected a sudden pressure change in the system and managed to leave Falcon 9 just before the rocket exploded. It is very important that the vehicle, which is aimed to carry a crew to the International Space Station this year, can detect such an emergency in advance and leave the rocket without damage.

As you can see from the images above, Crew Dragon opened his parachutes and fell into the ocean after this separation . Throughout the test, all of SpaceX's plans went well, and Crew Dragon proved to be a suitable tool for this mission to the world, especially NASA.

This test was the last major test SpaceX's spacecraft would be subjected to before being used by NASA . In other words, Crew Dragon will be able to carry astronauts into space in 2020 after some minor tests in the next period. You can reach the images shared by SpaceX, which broadcasts all the moments of the test live on YouTube channel, from below. You can go to 22:50 in the video to watch only the 9 minute test process without watching the entire video.

Images of the test performed by SpaceX

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