Sporty King of the Land: 14 Highlights of the Mercedes Benz GLA 2020

GLA models, which Mercedes has been releasing for years, managed to impress with its sporty appearance and big structure. The Mercedes Benz GLA 2020 model also has quite remarkable features, and we will take a look at them. Welcome.

Mercedes-Benz, which throws dust around with its comfortable and awesome design vehicles produced regardless of segment, goes beyond the limits with its compact luxury crossover model Mercedes Benz GLA . Mercedes Benz GLA, which fascinates people with its design and driving dynamics, also impresses with its new model.

We have reviewed the remarkable features, price and technical details of the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLA for you . If you wish, let's move on to browse the vehicle without extending the word.

Mercedes Benz GLA safety measures:
PRE-SAFE system:

The PRE-SAFE system in Mercedes Benz GLA detects critical driving situations in advance and provides all kinds of assistance to protect passengers in the vehicle when a potential accident hazard occurs. Examples of this are measures such as belt tensioning backwards and automatic closing of open windows.

Active distance adjustment system:

Active distance adjustment system DISTRONIC , which Mercedes has in its vehicles , helps the driver especially in traffic. It assists the driver in maintaining a safe follow-up distance automatically with the vehicle in front . This provides a safe and comfortable driving experience by easing the load on the driver both in traffic jams and long trips.

Active brake assist:

The emergency braking system, which is found in many of the state-of-the-art vehicles, operates in a more developed way at Mercedes Benz GLA. This system warns visually if the distance to the vehicle in front is too small . If a collision hazard is detected, the system emits an audible warning and supports braking if the driver reacts. If there is no response, the vehicle brakes automatically and the speed is reduced independently.

Driver fatigue monitoring system:

One of the biggest problems when going on long journeys is the problem of insomnia . If you try to drive sleepless, this will lead to an accident and to have huge problems. The insomnia monitoring system in GLA can detect symptoms of fatigue and inattention based on the driver's maneuvering behavior. As a result, the driver is alerted visually and audibly .

Blind spot monitoring system:

One of the most dangerous points in traffic is the blind spot. A vehicle in the blind spot can cause major problems when you want to overtake or change lanes. Thanks to the blind spot monitoring system, when a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, a red triangle appears in the rearview mirror. If the driver does not notice this warning, an audible warning is additionally given .

Lane tracking system:

Stress due to busy hours or for some reason in your workplace can cause distraction or feel sleepless and tired. Lane tracking assistant prevents the driver from unexpectedly leaving the lane in such a situation and tactically alerts the driver through a steering wheel vibration.

Comfort at the Mercedes GLA 2020:
Parking assistant

The active parking assistant in the Mercedes Benz GLA almost solves the parking problem. The system, which actively seeks parking while the vehicle is in motion, also makes it easier to enter horizontal and vertical parking spaces. In addition, the parking assistant, which comes into play when leaving the parking lot, completely eliminates the parking problem, which is the biggest problem of the drivers.

The camera surrounding the vehicle:

In addition to the active parking assist, Mercedes Benz GLA also has a camera system that surrounds the car. In this way, while you park the vehicle, you get help with the parking assistant and you can see the surroundings of the vehicle with the camera system. Thanks to this system, the risk of the vehicle rubbing anywhere is also reduced.

Variable suspension system:

Thanks to the variable suspension system in Mercedes Benz GLA, the driver gets a very comfortable driving experience. Thanks to the large spring distance and transverse power balance, the vehicle's suspensions best balance the comfort and dynamism.

In addition, in Off-road mode, which is one of the vehicle's variable modes, it provides a much better grip on the field and provides a more comfortable driving experience. In addition, you can experience a comfortable ride according to variable conditions in Mercedes Benz GLA, which has two different modes named Comfort and Sport in its suspension, whose hardness can be selected.

Speed ​​sensitive steering system:

Thanks to the speed-sensitive steering, the driving comfort of the Mercedes Benz GLA reaches higher levels. This system allows the vehicle to react more agile on roads with plenty of bends and increases lane stability in straight travel.

Sporty and sharp lines:

The off-road model, which will reveal your adventurous personality, offers the appearance of a sports coupe thanks to the dynamic design lines in the Mercedes Benz GLA. Emphasizing its sportiness with its sharp lines, Mercedes Benz GLA fully takes over the nickname of the sporty king of the land .

Interior lighting:

In addition to its sporty and dynamic appearance , Mercedes Benz GLA has details that will make the driver feel at home. The ambient lighting inside the vehicle provides a relaxing environment in the interior. Thanks to the interior lighting with 12 different color options and 5 different dimming levels, the driver can illuminate the environment as he wishes.

High performance LED headlights

The high-performance LED headlights in the vehicle illuminate the road much better thanks to the wider light distribution, while at the same time making the vehicle look much sportier thanks to their striking appearance.

Panoramic glass roof:

Thanks to its large glass surface, Mercedes Benz GLA adds a bright and warm ambiance to the interior. Especially in the summer, the glass roof, which allows the vehicle to breathe much better, also adds a very nice appearance to the vehicle from inside and outside.

Mercedes Benz GLA Performance:

Despite being an off-road vehicle, Mercedes Benz GLA has a pretty good performance. The technical details of the Mercedes Benz GLA, which has managed to stand out with its comfort and design, also attract a lot of attention at this point.

Mercedes Benz GLA 200 FL AMG
  • Horsepower:155 horsepower

  • Fuel type:Gasoline

  • Fuel consumption:8.6 liters in urban areas, 5.8 liters between cities, average 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers

  • Transmission:7G-DCT dual clutch automatic transmission

  • 0-100 acceleration:8 seconds

  • Top speed:215 km / h

Mercedes Benz GLA 200 FL Comfort
  • Horsepower:155 horsepower

  • Fuel type:Gasoline

  • Fuel consumption:8.6 liters in urban areas, 5.8 liters between cities, average 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers

  • Transmission:7G-DCT dual clutch automatic transmission

  • 0-100 acceleration:8.1 seconds

  • Top speed:215 km / h

Mercedes Benz GLA 2020 price:

Mercedes Benz GLA 2020 model has a much more affordable price tag than its competitors. Mercedes Benz GLA 2020, the sporting king of the land, has two different variations. The starting price of the Mercedes Benz GLA 200 Comfort model is46,300$. The Mercedes Benz GLA 200 AMG variation has an initial price of 53,000$.

We came to the end of our article where we examined the Mercedes Benz GLA 2020 model. You can share your opinions about Mercedes Benz GLA with us in the comments section. Our articles on this and such car reviews will continue to come. Stay tuned in order not to miss.


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