Star Trek-Inspired Emblem of the US Space Force Introduced

He has now shared a logo for the U.S. Space Force, where U.S. President Donald Trump has made statements about the establishment of it since 2018. The logo features a symbol similar to the star fleet emblem we know from the Star Trek series.

In 2018, US President Donald Trump suggested that the armed forces should also be a space arm. Trump has now shared the logo of the Space Forces with inspiration from Star Trek. 

An arrow figure similar to the Star Fleet emblem , which the Star Trek fans know closely, stands out in the logo. The arrow placed in front of a world-like figure, which we see in the NASA logo, is positioned facing up.

The new logo is not surprising

In fact , there was a branch within the US Air Force that engaged in space-related studies. Air Force Space Command (Air Force Space Command), this organization has been restructured and transformed into an independent organization. 

Space the establishment of the Force, the US 's already very high defense, but this is a move that will further increase their spending in the industry and the country's budget to further improve the outdoor criticized the White House has been shown that management take a step back. 

The Space Force became the 6th division of the US Army. Trump also stated this situation in his tweet. 

The new logo is in the language of the internet

The similarity of the new logo to the Starfleet emblem, of course, has not been overlooked by the internet. Especially on Twitter, people almost put the new logo in their mouths. According to U.S. officials, this logo actually has a deep-rooted history.

Space Force officials said in the statement that the arrow-like delta figure in the middle of the logo has been used by the US army since 1942, and in 1961 the Air Force space organizations began to find their place in the logos. It has been stated that the Delta figure, which has been used continuously since that time, has found itself in this logo. 

The U.S. Space Force was officially established by Donald Trump in December 2019, and a budget of $ 738 billion was allocated for the organization from the US defense budget of 2020 . As the founding purpose of the Union, the protection of US assets and interests in space, the protection of US leadership at the 'last frontier' and the avoidance of conflicts in space were announced. Interestingly, the first movie in the Star Trek series was Star Trek : The Last Frontier

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