Technical Specifications of Redmi K30 Looks Hidden in MIUI 11 Codes

A new phone of Redmi, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, which has released price performance phones, may have come to light. The information contained in the codes of the MIUI 11 is linked to a phone with the code name Phoneix, which brings to mind the Redmi K30 directly.

In 2019, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi gained a lot of popularity. The company has achieved this popularity both with its own smartphones and with its sub-brand Redmi . But the high competitive environment in the smartphone industry is seriously challenging Xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers. As a matter of fact, Xiaomi equips even Redmi phones with superior features , which should normally be a price performance product.

Xiaomi has been working on a phone called the Redmi K30 . The features of this smartphone have not been fully explained to date. However, the information obtained earlier showed that this phone would have a perforated screen and would have two cameras in this hole. Now new information about the Redmi K30 has emerged. Although the information provided is not accurate , it gives important clues about the phone.

The remarkable information about the Redmi K30 came from a developer examining the source code of the MIUI 11 . However, it is important to note that the Redmi K30 may not even belong to the MIUI 11. Because the data from the MIUI 11 does not match the features of the Redmi K30 to a model named "Phoenix". Although this does not guarantee that the device is a K30, it does not bring another model to mind.

The first of the features in the code of the MIUI 11 that is associated with the phone with the code name Phoenix is called "isBroadSideFingerprint". This means that there will be a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone . The main reason why this feature is associated with the Redmi K30 is a visual in the MIUI 11 code. This visual symbolizes a smartphone with a dual front camera and a hole.

The features of the MIUI 11, which we think might belong to the Redmi K30, are not limited to these. So much so that the MIUI 11 also includes some camera libraries whose codes are also associated with Phoenix. These libraries; They have the names "phoenix_imx686", "phoenix_s5k3t2", "phoenix_gc02m1_depth" and "phoenix_gc02m1_front". There is no precise information about these libraries, but "phoenix_imx686" seems to herald a very important detail.

What is remarkable about the code library Phoenix_imx686 is that it is similar to the name of the upcoming camera sensor IMX 686 from Sony . Sony recently shared an introduction video of the new camera sensor and shared its new 60 megapixel sensor. But what will be the first smartphone to use this sensor precisely at the moment unknown.

The codes in the interface that Xiaomi offers to its users reveal the features of a smartphone named Phoenix . However, even though the Redmi K30 is the only phone that comes to mind, it is also possible that this code name represents another phone. Only Xiaomi's explanations will reveal this situation.

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