Technological Solution Against Coronavirus from Thailand: Ninja Robots

Thailand started using robots to combat coronavirus."Ninja robots" monitors the condition of patients, allowing doctors and nurses to work in healthier and more comfortable conditions.

Some hospitals in Thailand are receiving technology assistance to combat the coronavirus outbreak.Ninja robots areused inhospitals to alleviate the burden of healthcare workers and reduce the risk of getting infected.

These black robots are designed to follow the healing process of febrile patients . Thus, they prevent the spread of the deadly virus and relieve the burden of doctors and nurses. Robots also enable healthcare professionals to communicate with the patient without going into the same environment.

Viboon Sangveraphunsiri from Chulalongkorn University hasannounced that they will producemore varieties ofninja robots.The new robots will be used in tasks such as disinfecting rooms and delivering food and medicine to patients.It is reported that robots are used in four hospitals in and around Bangkok, which significantly reduces the risk of infection in these hospitals.

Although specialistspoint outtheimportance ofsocial distance in thefight against coronavirus, healthcare workers struggle to save lives all over the world.These kinds of robots can protect hospital workers and support them to work in more comfortable and healthy conditions.

Sangveraphunsiri and his team of engineers plan to build more robots for 10 hospitals in the region.According to data from Johns Hopkins University, only1 person hasdiedin COVID-19 so far in Thailand .There are more than 270 confirmed cases in the country.

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