Tesla Decides To Stop Production Due To Coronary Virus Outbreak

Tesla, the US electric automotive company owned by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, announced that it will temporarily shut down the Gulf Region factory, which has 10,000 employees, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Tesla CEO Elon Mus k, who has been spreading from Wuhan, China and ignoring the danger of coronavirus epidemic for a long time , has taken the expected step. The billionaire entrepreneur decided to close the Tesla factory in the San Francisco Bay Area due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

In his post on his Twitter account earlier this month, Musk said that the panic atmosphere created due to the coronavirus epidemic was stupid, and sent an e-mail to his employees a few days ago and stated that those who are worried about the epidemic or those who do not feel well may not come to work.

The fact that Tesla's Gulf Region plant, which has 10,000 employees, continued production despite the increase in the number of cases in six districts in the region, caused a great reaction. Musk, who finally listened to the concerns and reactions, announced that the factory will be closed on March 23, but did not give a time schedule for when production will resume.

The White House called on automakers like Ford and General Motors to produce medical equipment, such as breathing apparatus, to help combat COVID-19 . The two brands are currently negotiating with the White House officials on this issue. As I mentioned above, Tesla CEO Musk, who criticized the coronavirus panic in the past, stated that in his new post on his Twitter account, they can produce respirators if needed.

The U.S. government asked automakers in the country to manufacture tanks, aircraft, and ammunition during World War II. Declaring a state of emergency nationwide like many countries, the Washington administration now expects automakers to put their hands under the stone once again.


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