Tesla Model S and Model X Update

Tesla has made some vehicles faster by sending a new update to some of its vehicles. Apart from speeding up the update tool, it also provided performance improvements. Tesla owners seem to be satisfied with this update.

As technology advances, the participation of electric vehicles in our lives increases further. Tesla, which has a strong position in the electric vehicle industry, constantly updates its vehicles and pleases its users. These updates provide increased performance and better usage.

Tesla Model S and Model X owners received an update of their vehicles while sleeping. As a result of the update, the vehicles became faster, but the innovations brought by the update were not limited to this. The software updates that come with electric vehicles are used instead of replacing the parts of the vehicles or buying new performance chips and make the vehicle stronger without dealing with all these things. This not only increases the update available to Tesla vehicles, but also contributes to the vehicle's better performance.

Cheetah Mode:

One of the features added with this update is the Cheetah Mode. During the comparison test with Taycan Turbo S, a deterioration in performance was noticed after repeated controlled departures. The new update lowers the front of the vehicle for faster departures.

Thermal Performance:

One hurdle has been thermal performance factors along with battery packs. With the software update, instead of increasing the cooling conditions, the limit set automatically to performance was increased to allow the battery to cool . It is unclear how this update will affect battery life.


The update does not include a specific number affecting horsepower or highway speed, but it was stated that Elon Musk aimed a 50 horsepower increase in a tweet thrown in January. The combination of new and old systems made it easier to control the screen and take off. Drivers will now have 15 seconds after stepping on two pedals to take off . This time was limited to only 4 seconds before the update.


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