Tesla Shares Production and Delivery Records 2014 4th Quarter

Tesla, one of the pioneers of the electric automobile sector, shared how much vehicles he produced and delivered in the last quarter of 2019. The company went beyond the estimates and set two separate records.

Tesla , one of the leading names in the electric car industry  , shared how much vehicles he produced and delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019. The data that Tesla share, compared with the company expected to figure in the middle is a huge difference is clearly visible.

According to data shared by Tesla, the carmaker delivered 112,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter alone . Thus, the company delivered much more vehicles than in the previous quarter. Tesla 's vehicle delivery in the third quarter of 2019 was announced as 97,000.

Tesla exceeded the estimates made about

Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained Tesla's top priority to his employees. Musk said the priority was to hand over each vehicle in the inventory, adding that they had to do it by the end of 2019 . Looks like this target was taken seriously.

Previous estimates of Tesla were expected to set a new record with 100,000 vehicles delivered in the fourth quarter , but Tesla exceeded those expectations and delivered 112,000 deliveries in the past 3 months alone. Tesla's new records weren't just about that.

Tesla also set a new record in automobile production

Electric car giant Tesla, the data shared in the fourth quarter of 2019 said that 104,891 vehicles produced . Thus, the company not only broke the vehicle delivery record but also the production record.

If we put together two of Tesla's data, we can see that the company is selling more than what it produces. Tesla produced 104,891 vehicles and delivered 112,000 vehicles. So there 's a difference of 8,000 vehicles . The most demand in sales was for Model 3 . Net figures are as follows:

  • Model S / X: 17,933 vehicles were produced and 19,450 vehicles were delivered.

  • Model 3: 86,958 vehicles were produced and 92,550 vehicles were delivered.

  • Total: 104,891 vehicles were produced and 112,000 vehicles were delivered.

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