The 15 Best Companies to Make Your Employees Happy

Blind, where employees can meet anonymously about their professional lives, talk about their companies and communicate, has made a very important survey recently. The platform, which questions its users about personal development and happiness, brought together the responses received. Let's take a closer look at the best companies to make their employees happy.

It is undesirable for the company employees to talk negatively about their company, to give details about the company culture or to share salary information. At this point , Blind , who enabled the employees to discuss some things about their professional lives anonymously, conducted a survey recently and asked if the employees were happy in their company.

Conducting the survey on a platform with more than 3.2 million verified users in total shows that the results should be taken into account. The results from the survey show that there is a link between individual development and employee happiness . Let's take a closer look at the results.

Users of the site were asked only two questions

The first question in the survey conducted between 9 and 31 December 2019 is "How much progress do you think you experienced while working in your organization in 2019?" It was in shape. If the answers in the survey that users can choose were as follows:

  • "Significant"

  • "Intermediate "

  • I don't think I'm developing"

If the site directed users to the second question "Are you happy in the company you worked for?" It was the question. The answers that users can choose were as follows.

  • "Yes, I am satisfied"

  • "No, I'm not satisfied"

Evaluating the results of the survey, in which 10,129 people participated in total , Blind explained the companies, which both gave their employees the opportunity to develop and make their employees happy, with separate lists. 

Here are the companies that give their employees the opportunity to develop:

In the list published by Blind, companies named Bloomberg, Juul and Cruise are in the top three. On the rest of the list , there are companies like Facebook, Spotify, Google, Lyft, Walmart, Uber, LinkedIn that we know closely . There are some changes in the ranking in companies with happy employees.

Here are the companies that make their employees happy

Netflix , which was 15th in the previous list , is in the first place in this list. Bloomberg remains in the top three while ServiceNow is in third place in the list. On the rest of the list , companies that are well known by the technology world such as Google, Tesla, PayPal, Pinterest, Facebook, Lyft, LinkedIn, Spotify, Cisco are remarkable.

Employees who think that they have improved significantly according to the results published with the survey are happier than those who think that they have developed moderately. To put that in proportion, the first group  is 79% happy, while the second group is 57% happy . Employees who think that they can not make progress come with a happiness rate of 16% . Looking at these results, we can say that companies that offer their employees the opportunity to develop have happier employees.


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