The claim that GTA 6 will be announced on March 25

There are new developments regarding GTA 6, which the game lovers are looking forward to.New rumors support the claims that GTA 6 will be announced on March 25.Gamers who think that GTA 6 will pass in London also created a new concept design.

Rockstar Games, one of the important names in the video game industry, has beenon the agenda withGTA 6for a long time.The company has not made any explanation about this game so far, but some developmentshave led to the thought thatRockstar Gamesis running on GTA 6.As such, the speculations that were not cut back did not escape the attention of the gamers.

We shared the news of a GT-6 with you a while ago,4chanmention I share a platform is made in this GTA-sharing within the scope of the claims 6 will be announced on March 25just quoted.Now,there is both a new developmentthatsupportsthese claimsand an impressive concept for the map of GTA 6 has been created.If you wish, let's move on to new developments about GTA 6.

New claims about GTA 6 support the claims that GTA 6 willbe announced onMarch 25.Moreover, allegedly, the source of the leaks this time are Rockstar Games employees.Theso-calledRockstar Games employees, whoalso made some statements over 4Chan without revealing their identity, say that GTA 6 will be announced on March 25.Moreover, sharing reveals some of the features of GTA 6.

Sharing of allegedly leaked information from Rockstar Games employees

When we look at the remarkable points of the above share, we canreach the detailsthat GTA 6 will pass in Vice City and the map is reallybig.Also, the sources state that there is only one character in the game and that this character will alsobemale.In addition,we once again come up with the claims thatGTA 6will deal withdrug cartels.

New claims about GTA 6suggest thatGTA 6 Onlinewill havetwo differentthemes.Allegedly, the first theme in this mode will be the RPG mode we are familiar with from GTA 5 Online.The second theme will be the standard online mode.Also, the "searched" status ofGTA 6 Online in standard modewill not be forgotten, and once you start being searched by the police, you will always be a wanted one.

A concept map prepared for GTA 6 reveals how the game can happen if it takes place in London.

Some claims made about GTA 6 showed that the gamecould take place inEngland.These claims were forgotten in the process and the arrows turned to Vice City.However, some gamers stillbelieve thatGTA 6can pass inLondon.So where do gamers get the idea that GTA 6 might pass in London?Let's look at the answer to this question before moving on to the concept map.

GTA 1 was launched in 1997.By 1999, Rockstar Games brought two additional packages for GTA 1.These additional packages, called"London 1961" and "London 1969", took the gamers to the streets of London.Some gamers believe that Rockstar Gameswill takeplayers with GTA 6ahead ofGTA Vice City, and London speculation about the map of GTA 6 comes from here.

The above image reveals what map GTA 6 would have if it passed in London.However, we can easily say that such a map will not be preferred by Rockstar Games.BecauseRockstar Gamesdid not use the name of a particular location with their real names in any GTA games.


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