The F42 concept that brings the legend of the Ferrari F40 back to life

A concept artist with successful work on car concepts shared his new design, Ferrari F42. The Ferrari F42 concept brings the F40 legend to life with a modern and eye-catching design.

It can be argued that the Ferrari F40 is an iconic car and the V8 engine coupe is one of the best supercars ever produced. However, the end of the production of the F40 in 1992 brought an end to a period. A concept artist has redesigned the F40 in the form of a modern supercar.

Calling the concept Ferrari F42 , Paul Breshke completed his design in 7 months and achieved a striking result. Inspired not only by the F40, but also from multiple Ferrari models, the concept has a sleek and futuristic design, accentuated by slim LED headlights, sharp lines and a lower diffuser.

Ferrari F42 concept inspired by F40 legend

The DNA of the Ferrari F42 has prominent features from the F40. Its star-shaped wheels, primarily the rear wing, revive nostalgia . On the other hand, its ventilated hood and pointed front end evoke modern cars like the P80 / C and F8 Tributo. The side profile is reminiscent of super cars like LaFerrari and Enzo.

"My first thought about the Ferrari F42 was to create a new version of the F40 . But the ideas I tested didn't look good enough. That's why I changed my mind and proceeded in another direction , " said Breshke . created a unique model of. " says.

Unfortunately, we will be able to get this closest to a modern F40. Ferrari has no plans to bring the car back to life, but the company promises two new sports cars to supercar lovers. The long-awaited Purosangue SUV will arrive in 2021 and a new hyper car will appear in 2022.

All we can do for the Ferrari F40 is to imagine from a modern perspective . Nevertheless, such concepts succeed to excite fans by bringing back the missing cars.

The car inspired by the Ferrari F42 concept:


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