The First Phone Using MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ New Features of iQOO Z1 Revealed

It was known that the new device of iQOO Z1 will use MediaTek Dimensity 1000+. For the first time, the processor that will come to light with this phone excites those who are waiting. Today, a number of features have emerged about the phone.

Smartphone manufacturers have to constantly improve themselves due to advancing technology. In this industry, where competition never ends, even the smallest change on phones has great value. If we consider the importance of the processors for the phone, it would not be wrong to say that the producers' preferences about the processor determine the outcome of the phone.

We learned that Vivo was working on the iQOO Z1 device earlier this week. The most striking aspect of the device was the decision Vivo made when choosing a processor. MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ , which has never been unearthed on any phone before , will be seen with blood on this device. Vivo took a risk by using a newly introduced processor on his device or made the move to make the phone mark the market, we will see it all together in the coming days.

New information about the iQOO Z1, which we have only known about its processor so far, has emerged from a Chinese certification site. A phone certificate received in Chinese 3C is considered to belong to iQOO Z1, and in this context, some features of the device have been revealed.

The device has 44 W fast charging support and 5G:

One of these features is the device's 5G connection by keeping up with today's technology , while the other is one of the most important needs of today, fast charging. The device seems to make users happy by supporting fast charging up to 44W.

Gaming-oriented smartphones are one of the most important topics that have been on the agenda lately. Although there are new entries to the sector, there are many game phones that attract a lot of attention. However, we cannot say that these gaming phones have a very mobile-friendly attitude, you can relax your budget by choosing iQOO Z1 instead of other gaming phones that want a strong budget.


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