The New Prince of the Sector, Tesla Model Y is Introduced: Here is its Features and Price

Tesla Model Y, one of the most curious models of the electric car industry, was officially introduced with an impressive launch event.

United States-based electric car maker Tesla officially introduced the company's newest compact SUV car, Model Y. Model Y, which is a wider car than Model 3, however, manages to be less bulky than Model X. According to the information announced by Tesla, Model Y will meet the drivers in the autumn of 2020.

Tesla Model Y will travel 300 miles (~ 480 kilometers) on a single charge and will have a price tag of 47 thousand dollars (~ 260 thousand TL). Also, an advanced version of the car called 'Performance' will be available, and the price of this version will start at $ 60 thousand. It will only take 3.5 seconds for the Performance version to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h.

Regarding Model Y, Elon Musk, one of the founders of Tesla, said, "He (Model Y) will have an SUV functionality but will have a sports car ride." said. Tesla Model Y will also have a four-wheel drive version, and the price of this version will start at $ 51 thousand. In addition, a standard model with a range of 370 kilometers will be available in 2021, and the price of this model will be 39 thousand dollars.

Stating that he expects Model Y to receive 5 stars from safety tests, Elon Musk said, “The safest middle segment SUV ever.” He spoke in the form. In general, it is stated that the vehicle has much more features and comfort than the Model 3.

Model Y has a luggage volume of 1.86 meters / cubic meter. A third row of seats will also be offered after 2021 that will allow 7 people to fit in the vehicle. Elon Musk said that Model Y may have some of its autonomous driving skills in the future with only a few software upgrades.

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