The Number of People Who Die in Italy Due to Corona Virus Exceeds 1000

Italy, which is one of the countries where the Corona virus has taken the most lives, announced today that 1016 people have lost their lives due to Kovid-19. However, it is known that 1153 people are treated in intensive care.

The corona virus (Kovid-19), which is the main agenda of the world at the moment, continues to die very quickly in Italy . Having the highest rate of contamination and killing after China, Italy announced today that 189 people died due to Kovid-19 .

The country has crossed a new border as of day. The number of people who died due to the corona virus increased to 1016 with the new people who died. 98 percent of these people were over the age of 68 , while the number of people infected with Kovid-19 increased to 15,113. Civil Defense General Manager Angelo Borelli said at a press conference in Rome that 1153 people were being treated in intensive care . In Italy, especially in the last two days, the number of deaths increased at high rates.

There are also those who recover

Borelli also explained the number of people who improved after the announcement. Borelli announced that the new number increased to 1258, adding that 213 more were added to the healing number announced as 1045 yesterday .

Protests Started

Italy takes some measures to stop the outbreak. At the beginning of these measures, it was noteworthy that all businesses were closed. Despite this decision, the employees of some factories, which continue to operate on the grounds of production failure, reacted to this decision. Metal workers, who had to continue working because they did not meet the criteria in the Prime Minister's decree , reacted to the state by protesting that they had to work .

While most of the people in the country do not go out of their homes, especially computer-centric works are carried out from home.

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