The Secret of the Simpsons

Simpsons, one of the longest-running series in the world, has made people around the world laugh on television screens for 30 years.

The creator of Matt Groening and published on American television Fox, Simpsons inspired the course of television animations from the moment it was released in 1989.

One of the areas where the Simpsons series is most famous is to predict the future.

Speaking to the BBC's Newsbeat radio show team, the authors of the series said that this situation cannot be associated with conspiracy theories, as many people guessed, because there are many predictions about the future.

Says this is likely.

"If you guess enough, 10 percent will be true," said Al Jean, one of the series writers who spoke to Newsbeat.

"In a way, we are the future scientists who wrote 10 months ago, so we're trying to predict what's going to happen," says another author of the series, Stephanie Gillis.

'We thought which funny celebrity would become president'

The Simpsons prediction and subsequent events include the American president of businessman Donald Trump, singer Lady Gaga's American Football League (NFL) championship match Super Bowl, the Ebola crisis, and even smartphones.

"Jean, we thought which famous celebrity might have been in 2000," says how they wrote about Trump. He says they wrote the script, taking into account Trump's words that he will one day be a presidential candidate.

Some conspiracy theory writers claimed that the series knew that the series would attack the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, during the episode's Simpson family went to New York.

Al Jean explains the source of this claim as follows:

"They take a guide in New York, there is a cover with $ 9 and Twin Towers; they thought like it because it looked like 9/11, but that was just a coincidence."

What are thoughts?

As a result of research on this topic as the Blog Team, Simpsons is not just a line series. We think Simpsons is ruled by the strong names and families of the world. It can be dazzling among the families that run the world. The alleged situation of is managed by a family or a group of cartoon writers and is written according to the information provided. For example, if twin towers are hit, this can be a frightening fact. Your destiny may have given our message to the whole world. In this context, we will do all the necessary research for you and share it with you. (


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