This is how Windows 10X's new file explorer will look like this

U.S. software giant Microsoft is developing a new File Explorer for Windows 10X, the operating system it designed for dual-screen devices. Offering an easy way to view OneDrive or local storage, the new File Explorer stands out with its modern interface.

Windows 10X , a new version of Windows 10 created from the ground up to be used on both dual screen and single screen devices , is getting ready to open the doors of a more modern and functional Windows experience than ever before.

As we reported earlier , Windows 10X will have two different file managers . Users will then be able to run two different types of applications: Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications and traditional Win32 programs.

Windows 10X File Explorer will look like this in dark mode

The new File Explorer, designed by Microsoft, allows you to easily browse to OneDrive or local storage and synchronize files between the cloud and your devices. In the first preview images published today, we witness that only files stored in OneDrive can manage. File Explorer in Windows 10X does not seem to support local file management yet, but this is considered to change in future versions. As a matter of fact , the development process of Windows 10X is not over yet.

The user interface of the new file explorer is very similar to OneDrive's website. Featuring both light and dark mode support, the new File Explorer offers a small status indicator at the bottom right that gives you an overview of your files synced anbean in local storage and OneDrive. Designed to be optimized for touch input right from the start, the new File Explorer gives the impression of a modern app.

Microsoft is reluctant to elaborate on Windows 10X , which was first introduced in October 2019 . We do not have any information about the release date of the new operating system, but expectations are that it will meet users towards the end of this year. If we reach new details about Windows 10X, we will continue to transfer it to you.

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