Tinder Postpones International Broadcast Of 'Swipe Night' Due To Corona Virus

Tinder was expected to air internationally this week, 'Swipe Night', which it aired in America this fall. However, it was announced that the series will not be published due to the Corona virus.

Due to the Corona virus outbreak, Tinder  decided not to launch the 'Swipe Night' series internationally this week. Last autumn, when the series started in America, Tinder described it as the  "primary person, apocalyptic adventure ." Apparently, Tinder has realized that there is no time to trivialize the apocalypse.

Tinder said,  'We thought that it would be difficult to publish this series with the right feelings at the moment, given the apocalyptic theme of the series and we are sensitive to current events experienced by our own employees. 'made a statement.

The international publication was postponed:

Tinder's first series tells a group of friends who are heading towards the end of the world. Viewers become the main character of the game and have to make difficult decisions. These decisions are added to the profile of the users so that other people they match can see how that person will deal with the apocalypse. The first episode of 6 episodes aired weekly in America. According to TechCrunch , the first season is half a million views, and viewers want the series to air internationally and be the second season .

Many series and movies have been delayed due to the Corona virus outbreak. In most delayed events, we can say that these delay decisions are to minimize the spread of the virus by human contact. We can say that Tinder's decision to postpone is related to the content of the series . Probably this series will be broadcast internationally at a point where apocalyptic scenarios are less disturbing.

In addition, Tinder sent a guide to its users with guidelines that helped them protect themselves from corona virus while meeting them in real life. If touching your face is inconvenient, it's probably not a great time to touch a stranger's face .

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