Top 20 Hackers of the World Featured with Their Abilities

Hackers can sometimes be the most feared and sometimes the most trusted people or communities. Security experts have announced the most talented hackers, good or bad, that made their mark in history.

Cyber ​​pirates often started to come up with the development of online technologies . In the cyber security world, there are both malicious cyber pirates trying to overcome the defenses of computer systems, and on the contrary, hackers with white hats that strengthen their defense systems.

Cyber ​​security experts listed the hackers who made the biggest impact in history, whether good or bad. Here are 20 hackers who left a mark in the cyber security world, from a notorious criminal to those who use their skills for defense:

20. Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon is a Scottish system administrator and hacker who was accused of pursuing the biggest military hackers of all time in 2002. This talented hacker was accused of attacking 97 US military computers and NASA computers for a thirteen month period, using the name 'Solo' at his girlfriend's aunt's house in London between February 2001 and March 2002.

19. DVD-Jon In the late 90s, a software engineer named Jon Lech Johansen became famous for his success in writing the DeCSS program successfully. When he was 15, he developed a software that cracked DVD encryption technology and became a "hero", and he got the nickname DVD-Jon. Pioneers like DVD-Jon continue to be important figures in hacking and heritage.

18. Mudge

Peiter C. Zatko, also known by the nickname Mudge, is known as a network security expert, open source programmer, writer and hacker. He was a prominent member of the hacker think tank L0pht and the hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow. Mudge has contributed significantly to disclosures and training on information and security vulnerabilities. He was one of the first to research Buffer Overflow articles. One of his most important works was the L0phtCrack password cracking software he wrote  .

17. George Hotz

George Francis Hotz  is an American hacker known for breaking iPhone phones and using locked phones with other wireless operators. He was sued by Sony for breaking the PlayStation 3 console with reverse engineering. In April 2011, an anonymous hacker entered the PlayStation Network and stole about 77 million users' personal information. However, Hotz denied responsibility for the attack.

16. Barnaby Jack

Barnaby, who died in 2013 due to substance use, attracted attention by showing the deficits at ATMs at a Blackhat conference. It also showed how a pacemaker could be hacked. Jack was last worked as Embedded Device Security Manager at IOActive before he died.

15. FIN7

FIN7 is a hacker group that can easily adapt to new methods to attack its victims. It is also known as one of the most advanced financially backed groups. The U.S. Department of Justice has uncovered how FIN7 used a company to hide its activities as a legitimate security testing company. Using the company, they actively recruited security professionals to use them in their operations against various targets in the USA.

14. James Forshaw

James Forshaw has been one of the world's leading bug hunters, finding Microsoft's vulnerabilities for many years. Forshaw has an almost unique ability to discover new types of attacks that few people consider. It seems likely that Microsoft Security Response Center will be on the best researcher list.

13. HackerOne

HackerOne is actually a platform rather than an individual or group . But it is supported by some of the best hackers. Therefore, it deserves to be included in the list. Several HackerOne hackers became millionaires because of the rewards paid to them after their mistakes.

12. Ole Andre V. Ravnas

Ole Andre V. Ravnes is a talented and experienced reverse engineering specialist , whose free software has become a popular tool among industry professionals 'Frida' . Frida software allowed anyone who was a reverse engineer, developer or researcher to connect to black box software. By launching Libmimic in 2005, Ole continued to make an important and lasting contribution to the cyber world.

11. Sandworm

Sandworm is a group of Russian military hackers behind the power cut in 2016 in Kiev. Sandworm , the group behind NotPetya , the most destructive malware ever, launched the most expensive cyber attack in history, with an estimated $ 10 billion in damage.

10. The Shadow Brokers

The Shadow Brokers (TSB) is a hacker group that first appeared in 2016. They released a few leaks they had captured from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). The tools they developed specifically targeted vulnerabilities, corporate firewalls, antivirus software, and Microsoft products.

9. Phineas Fisher

A hacker known as Phineas Fisher entered the servers of Hacking Team, one of the most hated companies in the cyber security world, and posted all its data online. According to security analysts, this was the case when the museum robber entered the museum and then left the most valuable pictures he stole in the middle of the road.


Also known as Impragma or PHOENiX, PRAGMA is the author of Snipr, one of the online credential filling tools. This tool has created cyber criminals who can easily capture their online credentials. Attackers are using the tool to stumble into global accounts to steal in-game items or stream music and movies.

7. APT10

While the APT10 works like many government-sponsored espionage groups, they target security and service providers that are managed to gain access to victims by abusing trust between their provider and customers . APT10's actions highlight the need for companies to oversee third-party companies they work with.

6. Benjamin Delpy

Delpy, who is at least as skilled as Phineas Fisher, is the creator of Mimikatz , one of the most common hacking tools currently used by both white and black hat hackers . Benjamin describes Mimikatz, which stands out as a password cracking application, as a small tool to play with Windows security.

5. John Wu

In 2016, an XDA developer named John Wu introduced a groundbreaking open source root solution called Magisk for Android. Magisk revolutionized the Android world and enabled users to increase device functionality, especially during the PokemonGo frenzy. Knowing the Android ecosystem very well, Wu announced that he will go to Apple for a 4-month internship last year.

4. Keren Elazari

In addition to being the first Israeli woman to speak at the TED conference, Elazari was an important voice representing the good side of hackers. He said that hackers are acting as an important part of the digital immune system, arguing that hackers are helping to create a better world by exposing vulnerabilities to make the internet stronger and healthier.

3. James Kettle

James Kettle is Head of Research at PortSwigger and is responsible for developing Burp Suite , a popular application used to test the web in the company . James is constantly developing new attack techniques and closing gaps by helping organizations protect against them.

2. Guccifer 2.0

Although this person or group rejected any ties with Russian intelligence, the attack on the 2016 Democratic National Congress in the USA made Russia's idea of ​​attack and intervention in the US elections become popular. Although it is not known whether it is real or not, it is considered one of the biggest threats to the US elections.

1. All ethical hacker communities

All  hackers with white hats deserve to be number 1. Their research against threats, the deficits they closed, the measures they developed ... They all work behind the scenes and do not do it for fame. They do their best to protect the internet, infrastructures, programs we use briefly.

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