Toyota Hyper GR Super sport Car Introduced (Le Mans)

Toyota introduced the new hypercar GR Super Sport on the track before the Le Mans race that started yesterday and ends today. Driven by former Toyota Gazoo Racing driver Alex Wurz, the car showed itself on the show tour.

Toyota, one of the largest automotive companies in the world, shared almost no progress in the long-awaited new hybrid hypercar GR Super Sport Dynamic. However, yesterday, the company unveiled its new hypercar on the track before the 24-hour Le Mans race.

Before the Le Mans race, which started yesterday and ended on the La Sarthe circuit, Toyota launched the hybrid hypercar GR Super Sport Dynamic on the track. The company's new car was driven by former Toyota Gazoo Racing driver Alex Wurz. Alex Wurz went on a tour by car.

Toyota unveils its new hybrid car on the track:

Toyota previously introduced the TS050 hybrid race car before the Le Mans race in 2016. For this reason, we can say that introducing cars to the Le Mans race is a habit for Toyota. In 2016, Toyota achieved its first victory and fastest lap time in the Le Mans race.

The company announced that by 2018, its model, called the GR Super Sport, will enter production. The GR Super Sport, introduced today, is home to a mid-mounted 2.4-liter biturbo V6 engine, according to the company's statement. The automobile can produce 986 horsepower thanks to this engine.

Tests on the racetracks of the Toyota GR Super Sport hybrid hypercar have been running non-stop since Toyota's announcement in 2018. While it is not yet known when the vehicle will start production, Toyota's introduction of the vehicle on the track, the production date is approaching.

At least 20 road models of the new hypercar are expected to be built. Of course, the price of these models will be quite excessive. According to estimates, the Toyota GR Super Sport will go on sale with a price tag of about $ 1 million. Those who want to buy one of the limited edition models of a car produced for the track will have to wait a little longer for now.

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