Toyota Introduces Yaris Cross, New B-SUV Model That Will Go Out In 2021

Totoya unveiled the new B-SUV model Toyota Yaris Cross today. Sharing its infrastructure with Yaris, the new model will offer a hybrid engine as well as a strong design.

Toyota introduced its new car Yaris Cross , which reflects the SUV accumulation in the B segment, online. The introduction of the new car, which the Japanese automotive giant planned to exhibit for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, was delayed after the fair was canceled due to the coronavirus.

Sharing its infrastructure with Yaris, Yaris Cross stands out as an ideal car that offers high efficiency in the city as well as high ground design and powerful SUV features . The new Yaris Cross, designed by a Japanese and European team, is designed exclusively for the European market.

Yaris Cross is a true SUV with its sharp lines design

Toyota's design team did not give up the diamond motif they applied to every point of the vehicle in the C-HR model. Diamond motifs, which can be seen in the headlight design and inside the grille, manage to distinguish Yaris Cross from the base model Yaris. Yaris Cross has a strong stance with its sharp lines and height.

The car's fog lights are positioned as low as possible. Different rim designs and add-ons to the car's fenders distinguish Yaris Cross from other Yaris models. The designers, who made fine touches of gold color, used a special color called "Brass Gold" , which revealed the details of Yaris Cross as the launch color .

The rear of the Yaris Cross draws attention with its similarity to another SUV model RAV4. Increasing the perception of width with its horizontal LED taillight , Toyota seems to prefer a plastic bumper like the RAV4 in its new car. The harmony of Brass Gold and black reveals itself elegantly at the back.

Yaris Cross will come with a hybrid engine option

Toyota also shared some technical data on the new B-SUV model to be produced with Yaris at the Valenciennes plant in France . The length of the car is very close to the original RAV4 with 4,180 mm. Also, the width and height values ​​are 1,765mm and 1,560mm, respectively. The axle spacing is stated as 2.560 mm similar to Yaris. Also, the ground clearance is 30 mm more than Yaris.

Toyota's new Yaris Cross model will be available with a completely new 3-cylinder 1.5-liter petrol and 1.5-liter hybrid engine. Utilizing Toyota's 4th generation hybrid technology, Yaris Cross's self-charging hybrid system includes a 1.5-liter three-cylinder Atkinson cycle gasoline engine and electric motor. This hybrid system produces 116 horsepower in total .

Toyota Yaris Cross to offer all-wheel drive system and enhanced safety features

One of the most important features of the new Yaris Cross is the electronic AWD-i all-wheel drive system. The technology, which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, behaves like a front-wheel drive under normal driving conditions. However, the AWD-i system transfers power to all four wheels when road holding drops or when better acceleration is desired.

Yaris Cross, which has Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems, has many equipment such as automatic braking, steering assistance, visual and audible warnings. The car, which offers an adjustable floor behind the electric tailgate, also has adjustable belts for fixing things.

Toyota aims at 150,000 units per year in the production of the model, which will be released in the summer of 2021 . The new Yaris Cross, whose prices are still unknown, will be produced at the TMMF factory in Valenciennes, France.


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