Trump Tells World Health Organization Financing Will Be Cut

US President Donald Trump made severe criticisms of WHO during the coronavirus working meeting. Trump said they would cut the financing to the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was placed at the target of criticism arrows by some individuals and institutions due to the coronavirus that affected the whole world and spread to about 1.5 million people worldwide . One more person joined the critics of the organization.

US President Donald Trump blamed the World Health Organization for a coronavirus outbreak. Speaking at the coronavirus working group meeting on Tuesday, Trump put WHO on the target board, according to information from The Guardian. Trump also threatened the US financial support.

Criticism from Trump to the World Health Organization:

In addition to being the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world, the USA is now in third place in mortal cases due to the virus. US President Trump accused the World Health Organization of incompetence against the coronavirus and also accused him of hiding critical information from countries around the world. Saying that the World Health Organization is late, Trump said, “They were supposed to know, and they probably knew. We will deal with this issue carefully and suspend the money spent on WHO ” .

Donald Trump previously blamed the Obama administration , its government agencies, the Democratic Party, the media and China for the ongoing coronavirus crisis . Now the World Health Organization has joined this list.

After Trump stated that they would suspend the financing support to WHO, a journalist asked whether this funding would be cut during the epidemic. "I am not saying we will definitely do this, but we will take care of the matter," said Trump .


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