Twitter Tests Temporary Tweet Feature It Called Fleets

Realizing the users who are bored with the permanence of tweets, Twitter launched a new feature. The feature called Fleets allows shared tweets to be deleted after 24 hours. The new feature is still in the testing phase ...

The popular micro blogging service Twitter has begun testing a new feature. The feature, which was first tried in Brazil, includes the disappearance of tweets posted after 24 hours. This innovation is called "fleets" because it is temporary.

Twitter is trying out the temporary tweet feature

The decision of the US-based social network came after some Twitter users increased their complaints from the permanence of tweets. 280 character fleets cannot be retweeted or liked unlike regular tweets. The new feature will be able to respond directly with messages and emojis.

Although Twitter has high-profile users like US President Donald Trump, it lags behind other tech giants like Facebook and Google in terms of growth in users and ad revenue . Aware of the situation, the company thinks that people will be more intense with ordinary, daily thoughts, thanks to the 24-hour permanent tweets.

The new feature is similar to Snapchat as well as Instagram and Facebook stories in terms of enabling users to send short-lived photos and messages . Such features are becoming increasingly popular among social media users seeking smaller groups and more private chats.

Fleets is in testing phase in Brazil

Social media services are testing new features in smaller markets before bringing them to the U.S. and elsewhere. This feature is currently under testing in Brazil … Twitter announced that the new feature can be activated in other countries, according to the results of the test. Mo Aladham, the company's product manager, described fleets as a new way to convey temporary thoughts. "We are testing fleets, a new way of sharing your temporary thoughts, starting in Brazil , " said Twitter's statement on a blog post .

Twitter users may feel awkward at first when using fleets. New property in Turkey when the users of the services to be offered are not yet known. We will continue to convey to you the developments on the subject.

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