Twitter to Ban Some Coronavirus Content Against Information Pollution

Twitter has announced that it will examine coronavirus-related content with greater care. Authorities, who made a statement on a blog post, say they have expanded the measures taken to prevent the spread of fake news on the platform.

Coronavirus, which is the number one agenda item in the world recently, continues to spread more and more. As such, all people are talking about coronavirus right now . If you open a channel on TV or log in to a social media platform today ,  you are likely to see dozens of COVID-19 diseases.

While some countries have declared curfew in many countries, including Turkey Coronavirus it is well within range of measures to leave the house given advice. As such, people closed their homes and started to spend most of their time on social media platforms. In this context, one of the most preferred platforms for people, Twitter and Twitter officials had to receive their coronavirus-related notifications.

Twitter has already announced that it has taken some precautions regarding COVID-19 disease recently. Officials who have made another statement now have announced that they have increased their coronavirus-related measures . Accordingly, users will have to comply with the new measures taken by the authorities in order to avoid any problems with their Twitter accounts .

In the statements made by Twitter, it was announced that any content that would threaten human health will be examined meticulously and necessary works will be done. Thus, Twitter will become a safer place in terms of fake coronavirus news, and users will be more sensitive in their postings from now on.

In the statements made by Twitter, some points to be taken into consideration regarding the tweets about coronavirus are also mentioned. For example; Twitter users will no longer be able to make statements such that social distance is not effective , the coronavirus is not temperature resistant, and the coronavirus is not real. Twitter will ban all such content .

With this move, Twitter will try to prevent fake news and content that may spread during this pandemic period . But when we think of Twitter as a heavily used platform, it is not known how the authorities will control all of the posts made by millions of users.

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