Two New Features Appear in the Latest Beta of the Google Phone App

Google has updated the beta version of its application called Telefon. The presented update reveals that the users will have two effective features in the future.

The US-based technology giant Google makes life easier for consumers with applications developed especially for the Android ecosystem. In this context, one of the applications offered by Google is " Telephone ". Users greatly improve their search experience using this app, and today more than 100 million consumers are using the Telephone app. This application will have some very important new features in the future.

Google developers have updated the beta version of the Telephone application . The update offered to the service of consumers revealed two important features of the Telephone application that it will gain in the future. The new features seem to increase the efficiency of the Telephone app and provide consumers with a more effective app experience. Let's take a closer look at the new features in Google's Phone app, without further ado.

One-way video call feature to Google's Phone app

Reviewing the latest beta version of Google's Phone app, developers noticed that the app has a feature called " 1-way video " (one-way video). This feature, as the name suggests, allows only one user to join the video call during a call . So users can make one-way video calls using Google's Phone app.

Another important feature that emerged in the new beta version of the telephone application is called " flip to silence ". As part of this feature, users will mute the incoming call when they turn the screen of their phone to the floor . However, the availability of the flip to silence feature seems to be open to debate for now.

Google offers a feature called " flip to shhh " in the versions of the Phone application for some phone models . As a result of this feature, consumers turn both phones into silent and put their phones in " Do Not Disturb " mode when they turn their phones over .

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