Two New Maps Added to CS: GO with Latest Update

Valve released a new update for Counter- Strike: Global Offensive on March 31. With the update published after the Operation Smashed Network ended, 2 new maps were added to the game.

Valve's multiplayer fps game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's new update was released yesterday. Two new maps, Anubis and Chlorine, were added to the game in the update, which was released with the end of Operation Smashed Network.

Valve organized a map contest called Mapcore Exotic Places for new maps to be added to CS: GO. The finalists of the contest were Anubis and Chlorine maps . 2 new maps will be available in Casual, Deathmatch and Scrimmage game modes.

Anubis , one of the new maps, can be compared to the Anubis Temple map of Overwatch, but it is not possible to say that it is the same. Another new map of CS: GO, Chlorine, is one of the most innovative maps ever. The Chlorine map has the look of an abandoned theme park.

In addition to the 2 new maps included in the March 31 update of CS: GO, there are also 17 new weapon skins . This time, Valve decided to slowly release the gun skins, not just once.

In the CS: GO update released yesterday, some minor bugs in each game in the game were fixed as well as new maps, weapon skins . None of the bugs that existed before and corrected by the last update were effective in the gameplay of CS: GO.


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