Ubuntu Touch Receives Its Largest Update To date: Here's What's New

As an alternative mobile operating system, Ubuntu Touch has been updated with innovations never seen before. The update offered enables the most comprehensive version of Ubuntu Touch to date, while bringing lots of improvements and fixes to the operating system.

Today, the smartphone industry is almost divided into 2 as iOS phones and Android phones. However, some curious consumers and developers want to use alternative operating systems on their smartphones.

" Ubuntu Touch " is one of the alternative mobile operating systems . Now, the Ubuntu Touch developers have released a new software update for the operating system and made the operating system the most comprehensive to date.

What's new with the latest version of Ubuntu Touch

The update, published by the developers of Ubuntu Touch, first of all updates the interface of this mobile operating system . The Unity8 interface, codenamed Lomiri , now works safer and more stable.

According to the statements made by the developers, the update, which reveals the most comprehensive version of Ubuntu Touch to date, also changes the overall appearance. So much so that Ubuntu Touch will have a new color scale that offers a better contrast and will offer a new keyboard design that has been improved in both appearance and functionality for a better user experience .

The new version of Ubuntu Touch fixes some of the issues in the previous version and makes minor improvements in various applications. In addition, consumers will now have a much better browser experience with browser data and cookies control.

The biggest update of Ubuntu Touch to date is also refreshing the

LED notification light . So, after that, consumers will see an orange light flashing when the battery gets low. This notification light will be completely white while the phone is being charged .

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